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Born on July 13, 1974, in Detroit, Michigan, Marcellous Curtis experienced a childhood full of hardships. He was only seven years old when his parents separated, and he moved in with his grandmother. The following year his father was murdered, and life presumably got worse as his relationship with his mother became estranged. At the tender age of fourteen, he dropped out of high school and started living on his own, becoming a drug dealer in order to survive.
A new chapter of his life began at the age of seventeen when he was able to secure a job as a door-to- door salesman in Detroit which transferred him to Las Vegas. This opportunity led him to his future ex- wife and the birth of two beautiful children. By the time he turned twenty-one, Marcellous had become a husband and a father to four children - two of his own and two from previous relationships - all of which life in Detroit had ultimately prepared him for.
Becoming a husband and father at such a young age gave him insight into the realities of his own upbringing, prompting him to search for purpose in why his life was the way it was by asking fundamental questions:
- “What did I learn from moving out at fourteen?” - “How did it shape me losing my father at an early age?” - “What did I learn from my grandmother’s discipline, and making sure I was in church on Sundays?” - “Why was my mom not there for me as much as I would have liked?”
As God would have it, he was able to learn and grow from his experiences into the man he was destined to be. From these presumably bad breaks, he discovered and learned the valuable qualities to be the father he never had, the husband he didn’t know existed, and the man he desired to be. Later in life, Marcellous decided to leave the working field to open his own company.
Over the next twenty-five years, Marcellous would go on to launch several companies, including Elite Detailing, Curtis Painting and Home Improvement, BB Entertainment, Prestige VIP Group, and, most recently, Year on Deck fundraiser for high schools. In addition to his successful career, he also endured two stints in prison.
The time in prison gave him ample opportunity to ponder his challenging journey and the risks he had to take to make it to his lifelong dream. Instead of wallowing in his misery, he turned his attention to solving the qualms that had been challenging him his whole life. Marcellous found the meaning behind his misfortunes and understood his hardships molded him into the man he is today; thus, he penned the book Enlightened, Awake, and Alive.
The book is a testament that if all hardships are endured and “giving your best” is made the mantra of one’s life, then success will only become a question of not “if,” but “when.” He has decided to share his personal growth and development from being a man drenched in a world of disappointments, failures, comebacks, and crime to a man experiencing the glory of God and success becoming instrumental in making him who he is today. As an author, entrepreneur, and good man, he hopes to inspire others to find their inner light and love themselves more fully by adopting a more positive outlook on life and themselves.
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tiding. Isaiah 52:7

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