Spiritual Book - Enlighted, Awake, and Alive
Spiritual Book - Enlighted, Awake, and Alive

Enlightened, Awake and Alive

Looking at life from a different perspective by Marcellous Curtis

Pages: 222

Dimensions: 5.5*8.5


- RELIGION - Spirituality

- SELF HELP - Personal Growth - Self Esteem

- BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration and Personal Growth

General Overview

Through Bible studies, revelations, miracles, and a year in prison, author Marcellous Curtis discovered that there truly is more to life than meets the eye. Enlightened, Awake, Alive. shares enlightening discoveries and offers helpful advice through Curtis’s personal testimonies, correlations to the Bible, Scripture references, and more on how others can realize that they are a child of God and that He has granted them a specific purpose to fulfill during their time on Earth. The time to wake up and live is here. It is time to view life from a different perspective.

Manuscript’s Strengths

The author is an incredibly deep thinker and makes his readers, in turn, think just as deeply about life, the part God plays in every life, and the prisons we can find ourselves in (physical, emotional, or even spiritual). He raises awareness on living and on finding purpose for living, and helps to ease worried minds of readers who may have too many unanswered questions regarding their own lives and guide them to finding their answers.
The author has written a fascinating and inspirational book on life perspective as the manuscript reads almost like two stories combined into one. Roughly about the first half of the manuscript consists of the author’s personal stories and testimonies and then he goes on to lessons he learned from his life and shares them with his readers. This makes for a well-rounded reading experience as readers get to learn about the author and then the lessons the author learned and incorporated into his life. Readers are sure to find inspiration from these lessons and incorporate a few of them into their own lives.
Really like how the author provides brief, yet clear and concise testimonies and chapters throughout his manuscript. They provide short, yet incredibly valuable lessons for readers that anyone could read before work, during a lunch break/short break, or even right before bed as important reminders that everyone is here for a reason and God has given each of His children a purpose to fulfill on Earth.
- Xulon publishing

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