Spiritual Book - Enlighted, Awake, and Alive


When I awoke from a dream today, I noticed that I was crying and my tears had wet my pillow. In the dream, I was attending church with my grandmother. I recall relating to the sermon. It was soothing. Following the sermon, the Pastor asked, “Is there anyone here today who wants to be saved and baptized?

After a brief moment of silence, my name was called. I was thinking to myself, “I believe I am saved, so I said it aloud. The attendant pulls out a massive book that she can barely hold. She found my name after flipping through the pages. He’s right there, she said. I was thrilled that my name had been written in the Book. The amazing thing was that I had never been to that church before, but they knew my name and who I was. I was overwhelmed with joy and relief. I couldn’t stop crying after that.

At that point in the dream, I reflected on my life and how everything makes sense. Because I am a God’s child, my name is written in the Book of Life. Then I awoke to find that my joy had spilled over into my reality because my pillow was wet. Then I started crying all over again. Wow, what a dream to reflect and confirm my reality.


By Marcellous Curtis

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