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Assume a movie is in the works, and you’re watching it for the first time. The film lasts exactly one hour and 49 minutes. The director knows how the film will end and every script and role that each actor will play. There is a scene in the film where two friends leave the house simultaneously but in opposite directions.

They will meet on a specific corner 1 hour and 13 minutes into the film. One person will call the other, unaware that they are on a direct course towards each other. What makes this possible? Because it was destined, it was written in the script. The truth is that their meeting existed before the Movie started. It was just a matter of time coming to pass before each actor performed all of the scenes.

In essence, life is the same way. We are exactly where we foreordained, predestined and should be in God’s Book and Movie of life.  We constantly experience situations such as this, but we discredit them as crazy and just a coincidence. The truth is, it is impossible to occur repeatedly and consecutively since the beginning of life. It’s like picking the right situation, in the right place at the right time, and the right person every time. The odds are astronomical.

But it makes perfect sense when you analyze and process the countless situations and events depicted in the Bible that demonstrate prophetic power and events. Familiar face in unfamiliar places. Time after time, people meet and engage at precise times that were predicted 100s of years in advance. Think about the amount of time, people, and circumstances that must be accountable to accomplish exactly what was meant to happen.

There is no should thing as a coincident.



Marcellous Curtis

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